Porting Mr Gravity Demo Reel Week 1

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Since this video, I've updated the touch input... One Swipe is one move. I think you might want hyper sensitivity in the game, so I may just add a function that turns it on and off. Anyway, enjoy :D

Mr. Gravity Porting Progress Week 1

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First Run of Mr. Gravity on my tablet :D

Screen shot of the very very first successful run of Mr Gravity on my phone
The game was written for TV's, which is why this is not displaying correctly

Issues that I've found so far. 
  • Sound does not play. I've corrected the background music by running the content through MonoGame's Content pipeline and defining it as Music content rather then sound effects. 
  • There is a collision detection issue that is found on any wall that is convex in a level(See Picture)
  • Images are coming out extremely weird. Not all, but as you can see with Mr. Gravity in this picture, he has really thick lines, that make him look really bad. Our neon lettering in our menus are really really awful. Not sure why it would do something like that.. Almost all the level content comes out perfect, except for these handful of content.
  • There is a huge need for code refactoring. There were a lot of good ideas that didn't get polished, and it hurts the codes performance and makes it very difficult to read. A huge example of a refactor need that hurts perfomance is the content loader. We load stuff everywhere!! Half the files we are loading already exist in memory somewhere, and doesn't need to be read in again. My first effort to refactor the content is with music. It's now loaded in a music collection, and loads once, but only if it's needed(so it now doesn't load 10 music files right at startup)
  • Of course, controls are bonkers right now. I wrote a nice little swipe gesture, and am working on motion controls. I refractored the entire control system, allowing for multiple control schemes at one time, but not requiring any number of control schemes. The game will check for what it can use, and make it possible. I also was able to take out the isXPressed, isAPressed, isShoulderPressed, etc, now that they have no meaning. Even if we went back to Xbox, the new structure is much better     

At this point, this is all I can think of. The game is working surprisingly well...Like way better then I ever expected for a game that came from an Xbox 360, written by a handful of college students who didn't know fully what they were doing. We wrote some solid code, considering the fact :D

Mr. Gravity Goes Multiplatform - Getting Started

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There are a ton of required features needed to get Mr. Gravity running, and especially if you are on Windows 8(like me). 

List of requirements(As far as I can remember):
Alright, if you made it this far, congrats!!! I'm sure that was rough, but don't worry...It's worth it. 

First things first, make sure everything is installed that is listed above and that XNA is set up to work with VS 2012.

Next, open up the Github app and set it up to the Git repo - https://github.com/DizWARE/Gravity-Shift.git
There are 4 new branches that I added into the main repo, that will be important for you. The first branch is Multi-Platform. This contains the starting point for all the new branches. The other three are: Android, iPhone, Windows. If you work on the iPhone project, use the iPhone branch, etc. We will merge back to Multi-Platform and them merge back to the master as work is finished on them. 

Switch the the Android branch.
You should be good to build and attempt to run. Make sure you have an Android device; I haven't tried running on an emulator but I'm sure it's not as cool :P Make sure the Android project is set as default

A couple things that I've seen when running. My most common error has been when you start to deploy and it throws an out of memory error while trying to package the application. Clean the project...If it still doesn't work, clean the project, exit Visual Studio and open the bin folder and clear out all the files that are in the folder. You can then retry :) Not sure why it does it, but seems to have something to do with a cluttered output folder.

Most of the other errors had something to do with content being named correctly. If you need to look at the application file structure, in the output folder, you'll find a .apk file. If you change the file type to a .zip file, you can browse through it and see what is being copied over. All the content is held in the Asset folder.

Gravity Shift Progress - 4/15

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I worked on A LOT of things this last couple weeks. Coming around crunch week is really bringing in a lot of last minute features. I'll start from the beginning:


We tweaked our credits, with better labels and more information in it. We also made it pretty with some traveling images and added a level to play in the background, that may stay or go. Here's some images:

9th World:

We added a new world to the game called "Unnamed - Contest" which requires 480 stars to unlock. The idea will be, if the player beats this level, they can record themselves beating it and get the world named after them. Here's the picture of it:

Popup Triggers:

Launches an image popup or a text popup when the user enters its radius. This allows us to demonstrate things we want the user to learn or experience without forcing them to do anything they don't want to do or keep them from skipping over the information. Here's some images:

Background Particles:

I didn't make these but I turned them into something that we could actually use. They move at variable speeds, but always move with gravity. It's hard to make a picture of this, so expect it in the trailer, but you can look at the pictures above to see these dust particles

I forgot to mention last week that we did a public BETA test and it was very successful. We caught some bugs we were unaware of, and we got some really good feedback from real customers. After this session, I was fixed a lot of bugs and pushed those through, including some graphical bugs we had on xbox. There is still minor graphics bugs that I need to look at, but I'm lacking an xbox to test it on.

Also, I've been working on our marketing, and started a twitter account @AngryNewton. This is so that we can share news and advancements in our project from here on out, and so we can talk to fans. We also started a Facebook page to pull in fans that way. Lastly, I have written an email to a game review at cnet that I've been a fan of for a couple years now, which I'm currently trying to see if he would at least give us a first look or something. A lot of big things happening and we are very excited!

Gravity Shift Progress - 4/4

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So we've been working diligently on this brand new World Select, and I think we've struck gold. It looks remarkable and just clearly states everything we want apparent to the user. Its simple and intuitive, and is just good looking. Here are some images:

We have yet to test this on the 360, but we believe it should work right, as it is arranged using relativity.

Also fixed some bugs we had with loading that would keep us from becoming official. The game would freeze up for a second on big levels before showing the level. It now shows a loading screen when you start a level to prevent confusion here.
Had a similar problem in the Retry option, but this was capable of being fixed more gracefully.
Also fixed a crashing bug when worlds went over 8.

Gravity Shift Progress - 3/30

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I've really fallen behind here. I'm actually kind of upset to realize that I've only been sprinkling on what I've done for this semester, when I know I've been pounding out features pretty consistently. More and more I realize that I don't like to write, so writing out what I've done always weighs pretty heavily on me, and so avoiding it has been easier than trying to find the time. I do want something that I can go back and look at and be proud to see my progress of things, as well as future employeers(probably more important actually), so I'm going to try to recap previous progress:

Since February, the biggest thing that has gotten done is the level selector. As briefly mentioned in the previous post, I was rewriting this and got something that looked and worked well, but there was still some confusion with the system, as it isn't fully apparent to the user that there is more worlds available. Because of this, for the 3rd time, we are going to rewrite it, but this time I don't think it will take a full rewrite(thank goodness). We are going to move all the worlds onto one page and have their levels in their own personal sections. Here's a picture to demonstrate:

I think this is a very good move, as it keeps everything available and utilizes the free space very well.

Also, we've made a trailer of our game which me and Nate worked on together. This can be found here:

I've worked on some audio that has become the official sounds effects. I've also created a program that made creating a level list easy. The loading and saving of the game has become more graceful, but still needs work(Some levels lock for a second before loading which is against the rules). We've been working on a lot of problems that are required to work to be released on xbox live, which I was involved in fixing some of them. Mostly, at this point, there has just been a lot of tuning. According to the App Hub forum, we are doing very well. There is about 8 people who have posted after playtesting, with mostly positive and good feedback. We look forward to getting our game out on the actual market.

Gravity Shift Progress - Tuesday 2/22

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We are making sound progress. I've been implementing a new level select this week that is based on a world system, and realized really quick, that we've really hurt our design by keeping in temporary code. Since this is a whole new system, I've had to rework all of this, which is just a beast. I feel like I've been doing it as intellegently as I can so that its open to changes we might need, but we'll see.

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